Monday, January 31, 2011

Profile: Froman

Guest post from "Froman".  Enjoy.

General Anxiety Disorder, bordering on panic disorder with just a touch of OCD.  Unable to control racing thoughts (mostly concerns and fears). Spends a lot of time at home hiding in the confines of his apartment. Has trouble keeping in touch with friends because of being uncomfortable with phone conversations and inability to travel in winter without a driver because of fear of car accidents.
Has been in 8 car accidents in his life as a passenger or driver, resulting in 2 concussions, three totaled cars and one white trash lawsuit.  Racing thoughts and lack of concentration have led to numerous unfinished projects and severely undermined confidence in the chances of any of them ever seeing the light of day. Cannot even complete a blog on a regular basis and finds his ability to focus akin to that of a Justin Bieber fan on Oxycontin.  Regularly finds flashes of insight buried in a sea of fucktardian theatrics and immediately forgets it if he doesn’t write it down. Promptly loses it in a pile of papers that he generally loses or throws away amidst a pocket full of receipts, headphones, ink pens and paraphernalia.  Keeps coat pockets so full of said items he has broken two hooks off his coat rack.
Finds himself regularly insensitive to things others are going through until it’s too late. Often insults strangers without meaning to due to lack of insight into others.   Over-analyzes everything he encounters until he is so tied in knots about it that he just leaps brashly into it and generally fucks it up.  Spends money like a hooker with a government check.  Has quit taking both medications he has been prescribed in the past due to complications like unquenchable sexual urges or coma but is again looking for a new one.  No end in sight.

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