Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aaron Burr, 3rd Vice President of the United States

Aaron Burr, Third Vice President of the United States

During the Revolutionary War, left a political appointment by George Washington to return to the battlefield. Claimed to be an abolitionist while owning his own slaves. Shot Alexander Hamilton through the liver and spine (result: death) during a duel over honor. Indicted for murder. Hid out in the Southeast for a while. Conspired with a US Army officer in the employ of the Spanish government. Made plans to raise a private army and start his own kingdom in Mexico. Solicited help from Napoleon to invade Florida. Terrified Thomas Jefferson. Tried for treason. Fled to Europe. Hung out with Jeremy Bentham (designer of the "panopticon", an institution in which inmates do not know when they are being watched). Returned to America and changed his name to Edwards to avoid having to pay his debts. Lost a good deal of his last wife’s money on land speculation. Died broke, controversial, disgraced.

Diagnosis: Bipolar I, possible PTSD, Batshit

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  1. There was something called "remembering alexander hamilton" on pbs, I think. April 11th. Missed it but I heard they did a reenactment of the dual.