Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marv, from Lucky Number Grill


  1. Lyrics:

    If you ever fuck with me
    I’m gonna go fuck you up the ass
    I’m gonna stab your fucking ass
    I’m gonna stab your father
    I’ll put a cheerleading dress on your father
    I’m gonna tie him up with fucking duct tape
    I’m gonna rape his fucking ass
    I’m gonna take out a can of whoop-ass
    and fuck him with the whole fucking can
    until he fucking says ____ “yeah my name is Suzie”
    and then I’m gonna go after your fucking mom
    I’m gonna kill your fucking father, your sister, your mother
    I’m gonna even kill the fucking roaches in your house
    and the bed bugs that you sleep on

    Really I mean it, I really love you
    don’t take it wrong
    it’s just the checks that I sent you
    just be ___ for yourself
    and you know, I don’t mean no harm you know
    but if you ever
    if you fucking ever
    betray my fucking ass